Pray For Me

Read this book called ‘The Art of Communicating’ by Thich Nhat Hanh which is about using Buddhist principles to promote loving speech, and I’ve been fasting for Ramadan and a friend prescribed some Surahs for recommended reading and I’ve been going to church every single Sunday.All my friends have been praying for me in different languages so I hope the gods are listening.We got all … Continue reading Pray For Me

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Noughts and Crosses: An Interrogation Into The Ills of Inferiority

*Spoiler alert – this review has vivid information about the book and the play inset so please if you have not already born witness to its excellence, don’t read (to be fair, you have had 18 years for the book and a week for the sold-out play so I’m not apologising) – otherwise enjoy!* An ornamental red circle inside a square sectioned by a cross … Continue reading Noughts and Crosses: An Interrogation Into The Ills of Inferiority

Celebrities In Therapy

“That’s why I don’t do therapy, because it’s all a load of wank. It’s a load of time wasting money for middle class cunts.” – Daniella Westbrook At midnight on Thursday, I came across a 2016 episode of “Celebrities: In Therapy” and decided to tune in. The celebrity featured was Danniella Westbrook, ex-Eastenders star, born in Walthamstow, London like myself but raised in Essex, Loughton. … Continue reading Celebrities In Therapy


“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together” – (African Proverb) Paul Oberschneider, “Why Sell Tacos In Africa” The older you get, the stronger the rhetoric that you must do things for yourself. The first clause of the aforementioned quote implicates a positive gradient between success and independence. Growing up, much of what I did was exactly … Continue reading ‘NEGATIVE NANCY’, NETWORKING AND NIPSEY HUSSLE


I don’t want to be Maame anymore It sounds too much like Mammy And I ain’t the white man’s worker So please, do not call me any variation of the Mama-Mummy portmanteau I’d rather not be Korkor cau-caucaw-cawcow-cow I know the name means plantain in TwiAnd it’s same word to describe fair-coloured peoplekorkoryellow-red girlbut I am so blackand yet so sweetcrispy when burntpeople can taste … Continue reading MEANING OF KORKOR

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The Girl Who Cried Fox

I am 18 and I can’t boil rice so I am abominable. My mum says I am adapting to the times but my Luddite stepdad scorns our procedure; the shame of his Port-au-Prince mum always descends from her heavens into his face at the doorway to our walkthrough kitchen. WhatsApp conversations have already thrown into doubt the authenticity of the rice – apparently the Chinese … Continue reading The Girl Who Cried Fox


There was no liberation in me going bald. A few days before Easter in 2017, I found, on my pillowcase, a clump of hair and realised, I’d had enough of my chemical relaxer. I googled the closest black barber shop, called to enquire and walked three miles with a Sinead O’Connor buzz cut in mind. When people ask me why I did it, I tell … Continue reading TO BE OR NOT TO BE A BLACK, BASIC, BALD AND BEAUTIFUL BABE


The concept of ‘enough’ is a misnomer to me because it doesn’t make sense: what is its qualification in the quotidian? Day-to-day tasks of revision, socialising, working and caring make up the panels of our life and we assume the audience’s stance of neutrality every once in a while, watching different speakers shout over one another in a bid to take up more space in … Continue reading ‘NEVER ENOUGH’, EUDAIMONIA AND ITS EXTRAPOLATIONS